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At Silgan Plastics, we provide a cost-effective, collaborative, design approach for innovative total packaging solutions. We offer speed to market with a full range of in-house value added services. With our extensive creative capabilities, we can drive concept development, from initial sketches to commercial bottles.


Great design ... begins with thorough research.

We monitor trends from around the world to understand what is driving your customers next purchase decision. We incorporate what we learn into your next package design to give you differentiation in a competitive market place. We start with In-depth global trend research in order to shape innovation.

The consumer packaged goods market is constantly evolving, which is why you need anytime access to the latest consumer trends, product innovation, market sizing and strategic insight. We monitor trends from around the world to understand what is driving your customers next purchase decision. We incorporate what we learn
into our design process in order to give your product differentiation in a competitive market place.

Silgan Plastics works with Canadean Consumer who specialize in capturing consumer trends from around the world with over 25,000 surveys a year.





Packaging Concepts and Ideation


Design Focus

Our in-depth trend analysis is just the start of the design process. There are a few key things that we take into consideration in the design of any package- environmental considerations, shelf appeal, performance and manufacturability of package. Material selection, weight reduction, and cube optimization are all factors that we consider as we look to provide a sustainable solution. When it comes to shelf appeal, we work to design concepts that will stand out amongst the competition. From color selection, to shape and labeling, many things help contribute to a products differentiation. 

Not only does a package have to look great and appeal to customers, it has to perform. Ergonomics and user-friendliness along with functionality and stability are all considered in our initial design ideations. One thing we won’t do is design a package that is not manufacturable. We make sure that things like top fill, assembly, filling and decorating are all taken into the overall design of a package. We want to make sure that once we have worked with you to develop the concept, the package can go into production with out any roadblocks.

Design Process

Conceptualizing and sketching are key elements in the creative design process. Our goal is to collaboratively create new customer inspired package designs so that you can rapidly move into the next stage of development. These sketches and concepts reflect current market and innovative next generation trends that can be reviewed and evaluated by your team.  Once the selection of concepts is narrowed down to one or two designs, Silgan designers will further develop your product within Siemens NX, a sophisticated three-dimensional engineering software program, that will detail your product’s neck finish, final shape, capacity and label area. We can create photo-realistic renderings for your review. Siemens NX 3D files can be used to create mold geometry resulting in faster product launches.  

We all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. We like to say that “a model is worth a thousand pictures!” From a dimensionally correct Siemens NX digital file, Silgan can create an FDM model using one of our in-house 3-D printers. We can even paint or decorate your package with a printed label to replicate silkscreen printing, heat transfer, in-mold or pressure sensitive labeling. This will give you a full size representation of your product that you can touch and feel to give you a sense of usability and shelf presence.

Our Tools

3D Scanner

GPS scanner that scans any 3 dimensional object
 Photography Studio

Fully equipped to
capture existing
packaging and branding

Siemens NX, Solid Works Adobe Products, 3D shareware

Fused Deposition Modeling
3-D printers