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Distributors are KEY to Silgan's success!

Thank you for your interest in Silgan Plastics.

Silgan Plastics sells direct to customers that meet a volume requirement of approximately 500,000 units+ per year with minimum releases of 100,000 each. If you meet these minimums, please contact us via our web form or by phone at 1.800.2SILGAN (274.5426). 

If your volume requirements are less than this, please contact one of our certified contract distributors.  We have distributor partners all across North America and you can find one near you by clicking HERE.  

Additionally, we carry over 90 stock items at various Silgan locations throughout the country.  These high-demand items are available for immediate shipment from our Contract Distributors.  Check out which items are available though our Stocking Program and contact your local Distributor to place an order.