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Food – Shelf stable food containers, closures & fitments 

Silgan Plastics has extensive expertise in plastic food containers. We have shaped the brands and built partnerships with many of today’s leading food packaging companies. From bottles for salad dressing, sauces and marinades, spices, condiments and honey to specialty beverages and spirits Silgan has the capabilities to provide differentiation with a variety of technologies and the experience to be the trusted advisor you need. We can provide your company with Exceptional service, quality, reliability and value to stand out on the grocery shelf

Packaging for shelf stable food (click here) 

-Salad dressing, BBQ, marinades,steak sauce, vinegar, spices and seasonings, candy and snack foods, condiments, syrups and honey, nuts and nut spreads. 



Packaging for specialty beverages, refrigerated milk drinks, spirits (click here)  
 -Energy drinks, water flavorings, powdered drinks, refrigerated milk drinks, spirits.                                                                                                  






Closures (click here)