Packaging for Personal Care

Oral Care

Full family offering of Mouthwash bottles with existing molds or there are options for your own custom look using stock preforms. Existing preforms with 33mm CRC jigger finish for bottles ranging in size from 500ml to 1.5L. One-step and two-step options available.
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Mouthwash Sell Sheet 

Hand soap and sanatizers 

This is a dynamic category that undergoes constant change as brand owners launch new products and new line extensions to catch the eye of the consumer. Silgan can provide you the latest in trends and rigid plastic design and function to have you succeed in this competitive space.
Our 40mm foamer preform is ideal for soaps, hand sanitizers, facial cleansers and dish soaps for bottles ranging in size from 8oz – 13oz. It weighs 27grams and takes a stock foamer from Arminak & Associates.
If you are looking for a different weight and size please refer to our preform list below or check our catalog for mold available items.
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Foamer Preform Sell Sheet
Two-Step Preform Sell Sheet

Hair care, skin care, sun care – bottles, jars & tubes 

In these dynamic personal care categories whether you need speed to market with a stock offering or a totally new shape and concept to differentiate your brand, Silgan has you covered. Silgan is a leading supplier in these categories and our engineers and designers are eager to show you the latest rigid plastic packaging solutions to achieve your goals.

Bottles – PET, PETG, PP & HDPE

If you don’t want custom choose from our huge family of mold available items which totals over 1300 items. To choose your bottle simply click on our product catalog and sort for what you need.
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Gradient Head
Silgan Catalog


Wide range of HDPE Jars available to meet your packaging needs from 1oz to .5 Gallon and neck finishes ranging from 38-400 to 120-400.
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HDPE Jars Sell Sheet
PET & PETG Non-Food Jars Sell Sheet