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Various closures & fitments

Critical to every package is how it is sealed — and we can seal it for you. Silgan specializes in both single and multi-piece dispensing and non-dispensing closures and fitments for the food and spice markets. We're also quite proud of our ability to manufacture custom, injection-molded plastic closures and related components to the most detailed, exacting standards and offer you complete packaging options.

Why Silgan Sets the Standard

Companies turn to Silgan for our expertise and innovation in meeting their packaging needs. From a simple twist-off plastic closure to custom fitments and sifters — our goal is not only to make your product stand out — but to save you time, money and of course, increase your bottom line. That's why the design and technology engineers at Silgan are continuously working to develop new and exciting packaging in addition to making current packaging better.

Available Closures

Neck Finish Resin Liner Availability
13 mm 425   PP Concentric Rings
15-415 PP Linerless Plug Seal
24-414 PP Yes
28-410 (CRC & Non-CRC Toggle Dispensing Closure) LLDPE Linerless Plug Seal
33-490  PP  Linerless Plug Seal
33-490 PP Yes
38-485 PP Yes
38-490 PP  Concentric Ring (Serrated)
38-490  PP  Concentric Ring (Smooth)
43-400 (Flat Top and Stack Ring Options) PP Yes
43-485 PP Yes
48-485 PP Yes
53-485 PP Yes
63-400 PP Yes
63-485 PP Yes
70-400 PP Yes
70-400 DS PP Concentric Ring Seal 
70-450 HDPE Linerless Plug Seal
77-400 PP Yes
83-400 PP Yes
83-400 DS PP  Concentric Ring Seal 
89-400 PP Yes
89-400 DS PP  Concentric Ring Seal
100-400 PP Yes
110-400 PP Yes
#20 Tube Nozzle MDPE N/A

Available Dispensing Fitments/Sifters/Plugs/Bungs

Neck Finish Type Available Orifice Options
13mm Plug Fitmet 1 Orifice Option
13mm Bettix Bung 1 Orifice Option
15mm Plug Fitmet 1 Orifice Option
20mm Bettix Bung 1 Orifice Option
24mm Dispensing 4 Orifice Options
28mm Dispensing, Sifter 9 Orifice Options
33mm Dispensing, Sifter 2 Orifice Options
38mm Dispensing, Sifter 5 Orifice Options
43mm Sifter 10 Orifice Options
48mm Sifter 8 Orifice Options
53mm Sifter 10 Orifice Options
58mm Sifter 1 Orifice Options
63mm Sifter 7 Orifice Options
Various closures & fitments

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