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From facial scrubs to tanning products, you'll see our tubes everywhere. We're one of the nation's top suppliers of highly branded multilayer tube packaging in the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, food, household and industrial markets.

Silgan was the first to produce a multilayer extruded tube with a barrier head. This unique process allows you to produce an array of structures with full inner barrier layers designed to contain your product. Best of all, you can choose from exciting outer layer options: color, pattern, finish, texture and graphics, allowing your brand to take shape!

Tubes that stand out from color to designThree plastic tubes

At Silgan Tubes, we can decorate your tube in just about any way you choose. Our offset capabilities allow for eight brilliant colors ensuring that your product makes a statement. We also offer five color silkscreen printing in addition to hot-stamping and labeling. Whatever look you need for your product, we can make it for you.

Silgan Tubes develops high quality, cost competitive and innovative packaging concepts to fulfill your specialized needs.

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