Closures, Fitments & Liners

Companies turn to us for our expertise and innovation in meeting their packaging needs. From a simple twist-off plastic closure to custom fitments and sifters — our goal is not only to make your product stand out, but to save you time, and money and of course, increase your bottom line. That’s why our design and technology engineers are continuously working to develop new packaging solutions and improve existing ones. We invite you to shop our online catalog to find the perfect closure or call 304.547.9100 to speak with a customer service representative.

Available Closures

Neck FinishResinLiner Availability
13 mm 425 PPConcentric Rings
15-415PPLinerless Plug Seal
28-410 (CRC & Non-CRC Toggle Dispensing Closure)LLDPELinerless Plug Seal
33-490PPLinerless Plug Seal
38-490PPConcentric Ring (Serrated)
38-490PPConcentric Ring (Smooth)
43-400 (Flat Top and Stack Ring Options)PPYes
70-400 DSPPConcentric Ring Seal 
70-450HDPELinerless Plug Seal
83-400 DSPPConcentric Ring Seal 
89-400 DSPPConcentric Ring Seal
#20 Tube NozzleMDPEN/A

Available Dispensing Fitments/Sifters/Plugs/Bungs

Neck FinishType AvailableOrifice Options
13mmPlug Fitmet1 Orifice Option
13mmBettix Bung1 Orifice Option
15mmPlug Fitmet1 Orifice Option
20mmBettix Bung1 Orifice Option
24mmDispensing4 Orifice Options
28mmDispensing, Sifter9 Orifice Options
33mmDispensing, Sifter2 Orifice Options
38mmDispensing, Sifter5 Orifice Options
43mmSifter10 Orifice Options
48mmSifter8 Orifice Options
53mmSifter10 Orifice Options
58mmSifter1 Orifice Option
63mmSifter7 Orifice Options


Explore Our Other Product Offerings

From single-layer PET and HDPE bottles to multi-layer variations featuring PCR and nylon, the options are limitless. Whether you require a comprehensive family line or a single, specialized bottle, we can cater to your needs. Our wide range of readily available molds for bottles and jars ensures swift market entry while maintaining cost efficiency.

Want Something Uniquely Yours? No Problem.

We offer custom closure, fitment and liner options for your unique needs. We offer various sizes, styles, and materials to ensure a seamless integration with your chosen packaging. Whether you’re seeking tamper-evident solutions or leak-proof designs, we can help create a product that aligns with your brand.

Still not finding what you are looking for?

We carry over 100 stock items at various Silgan Plastics locations throughout the country.  These high-demand items are available for immediate shipment exclusively to our Contract Distributors. We have an extensive network of distributor partners all across North America.