Innovative Packaging For The Food Industry

Silgan Plastics has shaped brands and built partnerships with many of today’s leading food packaging companies. From condiment bottles to candy jars, we have the capabilities to provide the right packaging solution.

A partnership with Silgan Plastics ensures exceptional service, quality, reliability, and an elevated product that will stand out on grocery store shelves.

Packaging Solutions For Shelf Stable Products

Salad Dressings

Design your own custom salad dressing bottle using one of our stock preforms or consider some of our current stock molds with a 39-490 finish for 16 oz, 24 oz, and 36 oz bottles or a 33-400 finish for 8 oz and 16 oz bottles.

BBQ, Marinades and Sauces

Design your own custom BBQ, marinade, or sauce bottle using one of our stock preforms, or consider some of our current stock molds.

BBQ & Marinades

Silgan Plastics has a multitude of mold-available BBQ bottles to choose from.  Current stock molds with an oblong shape and a 33-400 finish for 455 ml and 28 oz bottles, or a 33-490 finish for an 18 oz and 28 oz bottle.  

Steak Sauce

Steak sauce options are offered in a 10 oz and 15 oz PET bottles as a potential glass replacement.  These bottles have a premium look and provide for tamper evidence with a 28 mm finish


Silgan Plastics’ vinegar bottle is ideal for glass-to-plastic conversion projects that offer a consumer-friendly premium package.  Stock molds are available for 16 oz and 32 oz bottles. 

Spices & Seasonings

Looking for the perfect spice bottle? Silgan Plastics has a wide selection of stock bottles, closures, and fitments ranging from 3.5 oz to 32 oz. 

Candy & Snack Foods

Now available is a mold-available 72 oz wide mouth square. This wide-mouth container allows for easy filling and product access by consumers while the large size offers an extensive on-shelf billboard. 


Silgan Plastics has condiment offerings in PET, HDPE, or LDPE. Existing PET preforms can be used for custom designs. The ideal package for glass-to-plastic conversion projects offers a consumer-friendly premium package. Stock molds are available for 33-400 or 38-400 finish bottles ranging from 8 oz to 14 oz.

Syrups & Honey

We offer mold-ready syrup bottles crafted from both PP and PET materials. Our PP table syrup bottles are microwave-safe, providing durability and convenience. Additionally, we provide pourable variations suitable for chocolate syrups.

  • Syrup oblongs with a 33-400 finish for 12oz, 24 oz, and 36 oz. Syrup oval with a 33-400 for 24 oz bottles
  • Honey ovals are available for 1 lb and 2 lbs with respective finishes of 48-400 and 58-400 

Nuts & Spreads

From creamy peanut butter to rich almond and cashew spreads, our packaging designs are carefully crafted to ensure optimal product preservation, user convenience, and shelf appeal.

Silgan Plastics has existing molds to choose from or we can work together to create a custom container with stock preforms.

Two-Step Preforms

Silgan Plastics specializes in two-step preforms, the cornerstone of high-quality plastic containers. Through meticulous injection molding, heating, stretching, and blowing processes, we create versatile preforms that cater to diverse packaging needs. Our expertise ensures consistent outcomes, reflecting our commitment to precision and innovation.

***Please Note – while we have a large selection of preforms to support our blow-molding business, we do not sell the preforms themselves. We only sell the bottles or jars that are made from them.

Our Markets

Not finding what you’re looking for or curious about how Silgan Plastics serves other markets? Explore our diverse product offerings and contact us with any questions.

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