Personal Care


Innovative Packaging For The Personal Care Industry

Silgan Plastics offers a range of tailored solutions that cater to every aspect of the personal care industry. From shampoo bottles to lotion jars, we have the capabilities to provide the right packaging solution.

A partnership with Silgan Plastics ensures exceptional service, quality, reliability, and an elevated product that will stand out on store shelves.

Packaging Solutions For Personal Care Products

Hair Care, Skin Care & Sunscreen

From sleek and functional bottles for shampoo to UV-protective packaging for sunscreens, our offerings encompass a wide range of options.

Silgan Plastics understands the unique requirements of each product, whether it’s preserving the efficacy of active ingredients, ensuring ease of application, or enhancing shelf appeal. Our designs not only meet these demands but also contribute to a premium and engaging consumer experience.

Soaps & Sanitizers

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, brands introduce new products and line extensions to attract consumers. Silgan Plastics’ industry knowledge and consumer trend analysis allows us to offer dynamic rigid plastic designs for your success in this competitive space.

Our 40mm foamer preform is ideal for soaps, hand sanitizers, facial cleansers, and dish soaps for bottles ranging in size from 8oz – 13oz. It weighs 27 grams and takes a stock foamer from Arminak & Associates.

If you are looking for a different weight and size, please refer to our preform list or check our bottle and jar catalog for mold-available items.

Oral Care

Silgan Plastics has a comprehensive range of mouthwash bottles. Choose from our existing molds or customize your own unique design using stock preforms.

  • Preforms with 33mm CRC jigger finish for bottles ranging in size from 500ml to 1.5L
  • One-step and two-step options are available.

PET, HDPE, PP & PCR of each


Choose from our huge family of mold available items which totals over 1,300 items, or reach out to us for a custom solution.


We have a wide range of HDPE Jars available to meet your packaging needs, from 1oz to .5 Gallon, and neck finishes ranging from 38-400 to 120-400.

Two-Step Preforms

Silgan Plastics specializes in two-step preforms, the cornerstone of high-quality plastic containers. Through meticulous injection molding, heating, stretching, and blowing processes, we create versatile preforms that cater to diverse packaging needs. Our expertise ensures consistent outcomes, reflecting our commitment to precision and innovation.

***Please Note – while we have a large selection of preforms to support our blow-molding business, we do not sell the preforms themselves. We only sell the bottles or jars that are made from them.

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