Innovative Packaging For The Beverage Industry

Silgan Plastics has shaped brands and built partnerships with many of today’s leading food packaging companies. From spirit bottles to milk jugs, we have the capabilities to provide the right packaging solution.

A partnership with Silgan Plastics ensures exceptional service, quality, reliability, and an elevated product that will stand out on store shelves.

Packaging Solutions For Specialty Beverages, Dairy & Spirits


Silgan Plastics is one of the leaders in rigid plastic packaging for spirits, supplying bottles from 50ml minis to 1.75L. Trust us to design your next spirits bottle using market trend data and expert engineers to find the right shape, weight and finish. Choose from our stock offerings or create a custom design.

Current mold-available items include 50ml minis, hip flasks and 1.75 L bottles at two different weights. 

Energy Drinks & Liquid Concentrates

From energy drinks that fuel active lifestyles to concentrated flavor enhancers that transform ordinary beverages, our expertise encompasses a wide range of liquid products. We offer versatile packaging options that preserve freshness, showcase vibrant branding, and provide convenient dispensing.

Powder Drinks

From traditional drink powders to protein shakes, Silgan Plastics has a large variety of stock items for you to choose from. We offer packaging solutions that not only preserve the integrity of the powder but also enhance the overall consumer experience.

Whether it’s a supplement bottle or a bulk container, our packaging options are designed to ensure ease of use, precise dispensing, and prolonged freshness.

Dairy Containers

Silgan Plastics has a wide variety of (HDPE) bottles: both custom and standard ranging in sizes from a 94 ml single-serve container up to but not limited to 3.78 L and 4 L dairy and round containers.

Two-Step Preforms

Silgan Plastics specializes in two-step preforms, the cornerstone of high-quality plastic containers. Through meticulous injection molding, heating, stretching, and blowing processes, we create versatile preforms that cater to diverse packaging needs. Our expertise ensures consistent outcomes, reflecting our commitment to precision and innovation.

***Please Note – while we have a large selection of preforms to support our blow-molding business, we do not sell the preforms themselves. We only sell the bottles or jars that are made from them.

Our Markets

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