At Silgan Plastics, we believe in the power of people. Our social initiatives are built around the wellbeing of our employees, partners and communities. We believe that creating a safe and ethical workplace is more than a goal, it’s a requirement. Explore our initiatives and see how we continuously work to improve our culture.

Putting Safety First

We are dedicated to maintaining a safe workplace for all employees. We do this by ensuring that every employee adheres to our safety protocols, uses the required personal protective gear, operates equipment according to established procedures, and upholds food safety practices for both themselves and their colleagues.

By fostering a culture of safety, our employees are able to perform their duties confidently and without compromise.

Cultivating a Culture of Ethics

At Silgan, we continuously work towards creating an ethical work environment. We believe in transparency, honesty, and treating every individual with respect and fairness. This commitment to ethics is not only evident in our relationships with colleagues, partners, and customers but also extends to our responsibility as corporate citizens in the larger community. Here are a few ways in which we achieve this:

It is our expectation that each of our suppliers will likewise conduct its business in a legal and ethical manner, complying with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.  

Join Our Team!

Join us in upholding a culture of safety, ethics, and accountability. Be part of a team that values your contribution and aims for excellence in everything we do.