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Effectiveness of Oxygen-Scavenging Additives in Plastic Packaging

Over recent years, packaging has seen the development of two types of solutions designed to counter oxygen ingress that can affect package contents: passive barriers that slow oxygen ingress and active barriers that absorb the oxygen. The former are layers added to the package wall when it is made, while the active barriers are oxygen-absorbing chemicals added to the resin from which bottles or their preforms are made. Some of these additives are activated when the package is blown, others when it is filled. This paper explores the effectiveness of the leading active scavengers currently available when added to PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resins from which the test bottles were blown.

The extensive testing, which began in 2012, was conducted on bottles blown from multiple grades of PET and incorporating differing percentages of the additives. The resulting paper contains details of both the test parameters and the results.

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